THL and Corporate Social Responsibility

Working in a socially responsible manner, in collaboration with its customers and stakeholders, with the aim of being a sustainable and economically healthy company with a good future perspective, that is what THL Travel strives for.

THL attaches great importance to CSR, CO2 reduction and sustainability.
THL works closely with the Climate Neutral Group. This group advises companies on CSR, sustainable business, CO2 footprint, CO2 reduction, CO2 compensation and cost savings. If desired, THL provides its customers with insight through periodic CO2 reports and proactively encourages customers to make responsible choices. As a result, we realize that finding a balance between economically sound business operations and doing business with an eye for the environment, future generations and ethical and social aspects and having a positive effect on all parties involved is a must.
Sustainability and corporate social responsibility are integrated as much as possible into our policy and daily business operations.

We do this in the form of three themes: People, Planet & Profit:

With regard to the People theme:

  • Offering a pleasant, healthy and safe working environment for employees: Job satisfaction is our top priority
  • Responsibility and space to do business
  • The active offering of a bicycle and / or public transport compensation
  • Flexibility and transparency throughout the organization
  • Ensuring the privacy of our employees, customers and suppliers

With regard to the Planet theme:

  • We seperate our waste
  • Encourage digital storage and paperless working
  • Make an active contribution to combating climate change by reducing our own CO2 emissions
  • Making sustainable alternatives more visible and attractive to consumers. To enable our customers to deal with mobility in a cleaner and cheaper way (including incorporating CSR actions into the programs we offer, offering CO2 compensation resources such as contributing to The Climate Neutral Group after miles flown, offering Green Key venues and hotels, etc)

With regard to the theme of Profit:

  • Successful implementation of sustainable revenue models
  • Support for civil society organizations and charities (including the Jarige Job Foundation, Doctors without Borders)
  • We strive for long-term partnerships with our existing relations based on mutual trust
  • Connecting relationships / suppliers